Damon Linker blogging at TNR

Damon Linker, former editor at First Things and author of The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege, now has a blog  at TNR.com.  I met Damon a few years ago at a Liberty Fund conference, and we had some great conversations.  (Sadly, the only thing that sticks in my mind is that when we discussed his upcoming book about his disillusionment with religious conservatives and the fact that it was hard to find a sexy title for such a book, I jocularly suggested Spanked by the Right.)  Damon writes mostly on issues of religion and public affairs with a great deal of insight and subtlety, and his blog is highly recommended to anyone interested in these issues.


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2 responses to “Damon Linker blogging at TNR

  1. Fruitbat44

    “Spanked by the Right???!!!” I’ve no doubt that a book about political/religous disillusionment would have sold well with that title, but I think it would left a lot of its buyers disappointed.

  2. Revenant

    I’m an atheist, and I pretty much always have been. My parents are religious, and I grew up in the South. I’m familiar with the concept of religion being a part of everything and secularity being almost nonexistent.

    That being said… “Secular America Under Siege”? I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m grading on a curve against my childhood surroundings or something, but the America I live in today seems a heck of a lot more secular than the America of twenty years ago, let alone thirty, forty, or fifty years ago. About the only kind of religious sentiment public figures can express without a lot of tsk-tsking from the chattering classes is kind of mushy “all faiths are equally valid” stuff. Remember all the shock back in 2000 when Bush was quoted making remarks that implied he didn’t think non-Christians would be saved? Shock! Over a basic theological point that all Christians are supposed to believe in the first place!

    About the only theological victory of the past generation has been the bans on gay marriage, and since there has never been a point in American history where a majority wanted gay marriage legally recognized it is hard to see that as any kind of “siege”. On that particular subject, a “secular America” never existed in the first place.

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