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4 responses to “Articles by Cathy Young

  1. Apple Pi

    Dear Ms. Young,

    Regarding the story of Emma Sulkowicz, thank you for practicing true journalism. Following are three additional points that might be worth considering.

    First, here is an especially important part of your article in The Daily Beast.

    In an email to The Daily Beast, Sulkowicz said that by the time of that exchange, she had already visited the Office of Gender-Based Misconduct to report Nungesser. “They asked me if I’d ever ‘tried talking it out’ with Paul,” Sulkowicz wrote. “So, because they suggested it, I sent him a text message listing a few times during which I would be free and said that I was ready to talk. However, when he texted me back, it hit me that there was no way I could meet him one-on-one somewhere. It triggered so much pain and fear that I couldn’t bring myself to text him back.”

    Columbia’s Title IX coordinator, Melissa Rooker, did not comment directly on Sulkowicz’s case but pointed The Daily Beast to the school’s Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students, which states that the office never recommends informal resolution for sexual-assault complaints.

    In other words, what Sulkowicz wrote is false. Indeed, there is no way that the University would tell a woman to just try talking it over with the alleged rapist. I think that this is extremely important, because it is conclusive evidence that Sulkowicz will lie in order to advance her story.

    Second, the following quote from your article begs a question.

    Columbia rules allow both parties in a sexual-assault case to have a “supporter” from the university community who assists them in a quasi-advocacy capacity; Roberson, then a graduate student who had no prior acquaintance with Nungesser, took on this role as part of his service in a mentoring program for undergraduates. Currently an academic consultant living in his native England, he was interviewed for this article by video call. While he now believes that the charges against Nungesser are “completely false,” he stresses that he “did not have that impression going in” and undertook the task simply out of commitment to due process for those accused of offenses.

    Believing that the charges are “completely false” is huge: indeed, it is beyond what you yourself seem to believe. Why did Roberson come to that belief? What evidence is there to support his position?

    Third, regarding the mattress stunt, the University apparently fined each person carrying a mattress $471:
    I also heard that the University told Sulkowicz she was prohibited from carrying the mattress, and it was then that Sulkowicz started the art project—i.e. Sulkowicz made the mattress-carrying an art project as a way to avoid the University’s prohibition. I do not, however, have a reliable source for that.

    Thank you again.

  2. Jared Luce

    I read an article of yours and sent you an email, but I am wondering if that email is still one that you use or is defunct, since I got it from your old website which hasn’t been updated for years. This is the email I used:
    Please let me know if I used a working email address. The letter I sent you is regarding something very important to me right now, and while I would really appreciate help with my particular problem, I do not expect anything from you.
    – regards, Jared Luce

  3. Apple Pi’s speculation regarding the “art project” seems highly plausible. For more on the “art” status of Sulkowicz’s mattress-toting project, see “Little Mattress Girl Moves On and Up in the Artworld” . Much “contemporary art” now consists merely of such blatantly political gestures. See also “The Political Assault on Art Education,” Wall Street Journal, June 25, 2010.

  4. WatchingfromtheCheapSeats

    Candace Owens is literally the online gf of Cernovich, if that helps, or if you care, which I doubt you do, as they are way beneath you. Like that’s literally her terrible sad life, and why she posts all weekend long. I have been in RalphRetort’s camp for a bit but seeing her go after you has changed me. GG has totally rejected Candace bc of you and I think that’s great. You have been fair and educated and funny, and Owens is a fucking trainwreck of crazy nonsense, and everyone knows it. She’s called “Sloppy Autopsy” now.

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