Welcome to Putin’s Russia, land of the tinfoil hats

According to Russian historian Boris Sokolov, writing for Grani.ru (an independent website that has been blocked in Russia since March by orders of the prosecutor’s office for allegedly promoting “extremism”), the other day Russia’s TV-1–the country’s main channel–marked the anniversary of World War I with a documentary titled “Alternative Version: The First Shot of World War I.”

Its thesis: Archduke Ferdinand’s real assassin was not Gavrilo Princip but a British sniper, a Freemason acting on behest of the international masonic conspiracy which had set out to start a world war in order to gain world domination. Later on, the same masonic conspiracy engineered the Russian Revolution so that Russia would not emerge as one of the war’s victors.

Who knew that the old adage about lunatics running the asylum could come true quite so literally?



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2 responses to “Welcome to Putin’s Russia, land of the tinfoil hats

  1. For some reason, many Russians see no distinction between Freemasons and the Jews. For them, they’re one and the same. Truly, The Land of Tinfoil Hats.

  2. It’s interesting that the anti-Freemason propaganda in Russia today (at least on the official level) leaves out the Jews, actually. Perhaps because Russia is trying to cultivate good relations with Israel.

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