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Odessa humor for our time

Odessa, a port city in Ukraine–mainly Russian-speaking but very multi-ethnic–has a long tradition of unique, quirky (primarily Jewish) local humor; there’s a whole genre of Odessa folklore including jokes and humorous songs.  One sample of it in response to current events has made the rounds recently — a video clip (subtitled in English) in which Odessa residents call Putin and ask him to go home.  (I tried inserting it here but it didn’t work for some reason.)

And now, a new Odessa joke I saw on Facebook today (in Russian).

Two friends run into each other in the street.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Shhh…. I’m trying not to speak Russian in public.”

“What, are you scared the Ukrainians might beat you up?”

“Naah, I’m scared the Russians might decide to come and rescue me.”

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