Virgins for Putin

Dusting off this blog to showcase an incredibly tacky, and very revealing, Putin campaign ad.


Fortune teller [0:01]: Now we’ll see, my beauty, whom fate has intended for you.

Young woman [0:06]: I’d like it to be for love.  You see, it’s my first time.

Fortune teller [0:17]: The cards will tell the truth.  [0:20] I see that it will be for love, and with no deception.

Young woman [0:28]: It’s him!

Fortune teller [0:32]: You’ll be happy with him.  He’ll protect you like a fortress.

After that, we see the girl approaching a building with a sign that says, “Voting precinct.”

Tagline: “Putin.  The first time, only for (heart symbol).”



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9 responses to “Virgins for Putin

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  2. colagirl

    Wow, and I thought *our* election ads were bad ….
    (Oh, and great to see you back posting, Cathy!)

  3. Thanks! My thought exactly…

  4. This one comes *after* racy ads with young women going topless for Putin and a couple making out in a voting booth. — LOL!

  5. Oh dear! I heard about the topless calendar, but ads? and a couple making out in a voting booth? Wow.

  6. Oh, and welcome to my blog. 🙂

  7. Thank you. I followed a while ago for Russian posts and libertarian posts, and excited to see you blogging again!
    Here is “Putin’s Army” (with prominently featured Russian Orthodox cross):

    Lets do it together (I suppose they are not making out as much as “doing it”):

    Kind of makes me proud to be an American…

  8. Fruitbat44

    Been awhile since I’ve checked this blog, but it’s good to see you back, even its taken something so disturbingly tacky as this.

  9. Thanks! good to see you back!

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