Crossing the line

As I said in my previous post, I have limited sympathy for Sarah Palin.

However, this, from Andrew Sullivan (on top of the never-ending flogging of Trig Palin conspiracy theories), is outrageous.  I saw the reference to the “white trash concupiscence” Palin-slam in Douthat’s column and wondered who could have written that. Despite my knowledge of Andrew’s raging PDS, I was shocked.  And saddened, because I used to quite like Andrew’s blog (and have not forgotten that he was the first to link to mine when I started it).  I fully intend for this to be my last visit to The Daily Dish, and I have to say that at this point, if someone started a campaign to get The Atlantic website to drop Andrew, I’d back it.  Imagine the reaction if a journalist/blogger writing about a black politician referred to “ghetto concupiscence”, without even using the word “black.”


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3 responses to “Crossing the line

  1. colagirl

    You know, given that hate and love are supposedly two sides of the same coin, Sully’s sick fixation with Palin is making me start to wonder if he’s entirely as gay as he says he is.

    Anyway, sheesh–that column is more concentrated ugliness than I really needed for one day. *shiver*

  2. Nick S

    I have never thought much of Andrew Sullivan. He has always struck me as having an exaggerated view of his own intellectual ability.

  3. Brad

    Whatever one thinks of Sara Palin, she is not the cause of the current and unprecedented crisis, or the idiotic remedies. Could an unqualified, inexperienced, country bumpkin, or other such outsider, engineer as much fiscal insanity, malfeasance, duplicity, fraud, disregard of the law and criminality as the “best and brightest?” Perhaps, we’ll find out, although the “qualified” have set a high perhaps a insurmountable standard for any unqualified aspirant to match.

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