Happy birthday, 1984!

Slightly belated (the actual date was June 8).

My take on the 60th anniversary of George Orwell’s great novel can be found here: “We have met Big Brother, and he is us.”

Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of the covers of the many editions of Orwell’s dystopian novel.  Here’s a quaintly hilarious one from 1955:


1984 as pulp romance.  (That’s a pretty alluring uniform for the Junior Anti-Sex League!)  Pity the poor reader who picked this up expecting a steamy tale of forbidden love, fear, and betrayal.  What a cruel way to sell books.


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5 responses to “Happy birthday, 1984!

  1. yamantaka

    Big Brother is YOU, watching.

  2. Andy Sydor

    Cathy, that’s the very same edition that was in my home, growing up, and was the edition of 1984 that I first read. I took the “sexiness” of the anti-sex league worker as consistent with a world where “War is Peace” and “2 + 2 + 5.”


  3. Steve

    Like Andy, I saw that same edition in my father’s bookcase and at age 13 I decided to see what it was like. Perhaps expecting a steamy tale of love and betrayal, I found that at the level at which a teenager reads books, that was exactly what I got. I do not think the cover was inconsistent with Mr. Orwell’s text, nor with a typical reader’s point of view either.

  4. Thanks! 🙂 great to hear from people who got to experience that Orwell edition firsthand. My first 1984 paperback wasn’t nearly as alluring.

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