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Blame Canada

Apparently, this week is official Israel Apartheid Week on 40 campuses around the world — a movement that started a few years ago in Toronto.  While schools in Canada have removed some offensive posters associated with the event (a cartoon of a hook-nosed Hasidic Jew with a bazooka, another showing an Israeli plane with a swastika), the concept itself is ugly.  One need not agree with all Israeli actions to find this outrageous, particularly considering the multitude of brutal regimes that are not singled out for protest.  I rarely join in Internet petitions, but this one, urging Canadian college administrators to “marginalize such hateful dialogue,” is worth signing.  (Via Ted Belman’s Israpundit site, and one needn’t agree with everything on that site to support this particular initiative, either.)

Update: Ampersand points out in the comments that the posters in question were associated with a different anti-Israel event in January.  I regret the error.

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