Russian headline of the year

Remember this story?

Vladimir Putin supposedly shooting a female Siberian tiger with a tranquilizer gun during a visit to a wildlife preserve, saving a TV crew that just happened to be nearby, and then helping measure its teeth and outfitting it with a radio collar?

This just in from Vladivostok daily (February 11):

After encounter with Vladmir Putin, female tiger gives birth to three cubs
After encounter with Vladimir Putin, female tiger gives birth to three cubs

(Hat tip: Lipkovich.)

Sure he’s a man of many skills, but who knew?


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5 responses to “Russian headline of the year

  1. Panu H

    Now THAT was malicious! 😀

  2. logophilka

    Good old jokes never die.

    …а что, папа сам не может? – Может, но бык лучше…

  3. LOL!

    For the benefit of the non-Russian-speaking, logophilka is referring to an old Russian joke:

    Teacher in rural school to boy: “Why weren’t you in class yesterday?”

    Boy: “Sorry, Daddy told me to take the bull to the neighbor to service the cow.”

    Teacher (slightly taken aback): “But … couldn’t your daddy have done that himself?”

    Boy: “Sure he could have. But the bull’s better.”

  4. logophilka

    The journalist has answered me in person! Flattered:)

    Great blog, and, most importantly, great joke translation skills. I’ve just advertised for you on Удач!

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