Anti-American film bombs in Russia

What if they made a rabidly anti-American movie in Russia that was supposed to capitalize on anti-American sentiment stirred up by the war in Georgia … and nobody came? My article on the movie Chuzhiye (Strangers) in The New Republic online.

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One response to “Anti-American film bombs in Russia

  1. mabman

    Gee – now I’m anxious to see a Scarlett McAlister retrospective!

    I’ve got to think that Grymov made this movie in large part because he figured it would curry favor with PutinCo. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like the final product was so bad that even the current regime wants nothing to do with it. This film is less like Plan 9, which after all was a completely unpretentious Grade-Z sci-fi film, and more like Showgirls, the movie that was supposed to make NC-17 respectable but instead doomed the rating to semi-porno status. Grymov was aiming to make the ultimate statement about American imperialism, and instead made anti-Americanism of the Russian variety look like a complete joke.

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