Where I have been

Obviously, not blogging, for several reasons.

Due to no longer having a regular slot at The Boston Globe, getting published now takes more time and effort. For financial reasons, I have also taken on some fairly time-consuming translating work. Between that and possibly frivolous but nonetheless satisfying fandom hobbies, I have not had much time or energy available for unpaid commentary. Until recently, I also haven’t been very inspired to blog.

That may change now, with two stories in the news in which I’m keenly interested: the latest events in Russia, and the feminist firestorm around the Sarah Palin nomination for vide president. I will be posting several items this weekend. After that — we’ll see.

My apologies to the readers I’ve left in the lurch, particularly those who were concerned about my well-being.


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4 responses to “Where I have been

  1. Rich

    Good to (sorta) have you back!

  2. Revenant

    Welcome back. 🙂

  3. Donatello

    I am very glad to read your comments again!

  4. Fruitbat44

    Hi Cathy,

    Great to see you back.

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