My departure from The Boston Globe: A last word

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has expressed their support in these past few days, by email and on this blog. Many of you have asked what I will be doing next. I am still writing a monthly column for Reason, of course; I will also be exploring a variety of possible venues for my weekly column (which has also appeared on the Reason Online website and has been carried by the New York Times Syndicate). Stay tuned for updates, and of course for blog commentary on current events.

Those still wondering about the situation at the Globe can read about the latest round of layoffs here. (H/T: Harry at Squaring the Circle.)

So far, my favorite blog commentary on my final column is from Eric at Classical Values, discussing the increasingly extremist tone of public discourse and the elimination of the middle ground through intimidation. Richard Bennett comments as well.

More: Many thanks to Pablo and Jeff at Protein Wisdom for the kind words, and also to Dr. Helen and Dean Esmay.


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2 responses to “My departure from The Boston Globe: A last word

  1. thecobrasnose

    I’m so sorry to hear this news! May a publication as sensible as you are be sensible enough to snap you up very soon.

  2. vbspurs

    Congratulations, Cathy, on a job very well done.

    Trust your ex-employers to lay off one of its most sensible, well-spoken, and eminently readable writers.

    Wherever you land, I know, will be a great benefit to those there, and to you.

    Good luck!


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