If nominated … I will graciously bow

Yours truly is one of the nominees for “Conservative Blogress Diva” at GayPatriot.com. Actually, I don’t know about “conservative,” I’ve never fancied myself a diva, and I think “blogress” sound a bit too much like “ogress” … but how ungracious to quibble! It’s an honor to be nominated after only 3 months in the blogosphere, and while my chances of winning are close to those of, say, Olympia Snowe getting the Republican presidential nomination, I offer the guys at GayPatriot my humble thanks for the nomination.

Update: Oh, and you can go here to cast your vote.


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14 responses to “If nominated … I will graciously bow

  1. Pooh

    If Cathy is “conservative” that is a big tent…

    (I kid…)

    It’s odd, I self-describe as liberal, and Cathy and I seem to agree on much more than we differ…

  2. EricP

    Sorry I already voted Althouse, another iffy vote since she isn’t comfortably with the conservative label either.

  3. GayPatriotWest

    Since I lean libertarian, I decided to accept the nomination (and hence decided to interpret conservative broadly). (And ’cause I’ve enjoyed your columns when I discover them on line.)

  4. Cathy Young

    Thanks, GP! 🙂 Here’s to the big tent!

  5. mythago

    “Blogress”? Are they comparing you to a tiger or are they just really, really stressed out about calling a woman a “blogger”? Sheeziz.

  6. Cathy Young

    Don’t know, but I’m reminded of the famous story about the sign at the carnival: This way to the egress!

  7. Dean

    “blogress” sound a bit too much like “ogress”

    The word “blog” is an ugly construction, anyway. I fought against it for a while. It was completely futile, of course.

    I suppose that, in the binary world of American political commentary, where there are only two points of view and thus if you’re not one you’re the other, the conservatives will consider you liberal and the liberals will consider you conservative.

    When they don’t agree with you, of course. When they do, it’s the other way round.

  8. thecobrasnose

    Until “sensible” becomes a mainstream appelation I suppose “conservative” will have to do. Congratulations, Cathy–you’ve got my vote.

  9. Dave

    You as conservative is as rich as Ann Althouse and Jane Galt as conservative.

    None of you three are conservative.

    And I voted for all three of you.

    May one of you win.

  10. Cathy Young

    Thanks all! 🙂

    I didn’t know you could vote for more than one person.

    By the way, who is Sondra K.? Never heard of her before.

  11. CaptDMO

    Wow, If you accept an award (or nomination) “bestowed” from someone
    then you give up part of your own personal directive to their agenda, and accept their lable of you.

    “Blogress” is a title likely to win an award in itself as “most demeaning recognition, or self-description, for a mature and self-respecting pundit”

    I’d applaud a choice to gracefully decline, but that’s just me.

  12. bearblue

    I, of course, voted for you! 🙂

  13. Pavel Litvinov

    My congratulations! I am not necessarily conservative rather libertarian and I enjoy your blog and Reason column and agree with you most of the time especially with your moderate style of polemics. Best wishes. By the way, do you know that in Russia as far as I know they call a blog “zhivoi zhurnal” (live journal) which surely sounds better.


  14. Anonymous

    I think it’s imperative that we work to boldly reinforce, in the public’s mind, the Bork-Alito connection. The GOP should not be free to exploit the skin-deep contrast between Bork’s Reagan-era right-wing bravado and Alito’s coolly evasive and placatory rhetoric.

    There is one orgaization in particular dedicated to getting this message across (http://www.goodstorm.com/stores/leftink). I found at least two shirt designs devoted to raising awareness of Alito’s pernicious agenda. I advise checking them out. I’m really thinking about getting the “Acusar Bush” shirt for my mom.

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