Warning: light blogging ahead

It’s vacation time: I’m headed to Europe, back on December 21.

I’ll still have online access, and expect to do some blogging, but only a limited amount, and I won’t be able to participate in much discussion in the comments threads.

Just so you know.

Have a great time, everyone!


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8 responses to “Warning: light blogging ahead

  1. William R. Barker

    Merry Christmas, Cathy! Eat, drink, fornicate, sightsee, and just plain ENJOY YOURSELF!


  2. bearblue

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Pooh

    Bon Voyage!

    (What is this ‘vacation’ of which you speak?)

  4. Paul

    Have a nice time and stay safe ! 🙂

  5. bk

    Have a great break Cathy. BTW, your blog is already a welcome addition to the sphere, and I’ll advocate that it get added to the centerfield blogroll of centrist voices, if you don’t object. One more voice of reason is always welcome.

  6. Cathy Young

    France and Germany.

    Thanks, bk! and have you ever heard of a blogger objecting to being blogrolled?

  7. Kierkegaard Lives

    Have a nice trip.

    If you’re looking for some “light” topic, maybe I can help. Mostly in the interest of simply pointing more people here to your wonderful blog, I had to “tag” you on this meme-tag. I hope you don’t mind.

    Travel safe!

  8. Fruitbat44

    Bon voyage. Enjoy yourself and come back sfely.

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