Weekend fun: marsupial blogging

According to TruthLaidBear, I’m a Marauding Marsupial of the blogosphere.

(When I informed one of my Aussie friends of this fact, she messaged back, “Trying to visualize this: Cathy the terrifying wallaby!”)

I figured that since I don’t do catblogging (no cats), I can do some marsupial-blogging, from my trip to Australia back in January.


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9 responses to “Weekend fun: marsupial blogging

  1. Dean

    There has to be a pun to be made on marsupials and blogging. There just has to be. Alas, I cannot find it.

  2. Cathy Young

    Yeah — I tried to think of one, too, but alas…

  3. Adrienne

    Oh man, I want to pet and feed a wallaby too.

    So do they have kangaroo and wallaby petting zoos in Australia?

  4. whiskeyjuvenile

    If they had a koallaby, that’d be kicking radical.

  5. Cathy Young

    Yes, petting zoos are one of the big tourist attractions. The kangaroos and wallabys just hop about and you can feed them and pet them. The koalas are in enclosures except for one or two that they put in a public area for people to pet. You’re not allowed to hold them (only the zoo workers are) because they have pretty sharp claws and you have to know how to handle them.

  6. Revenant

    So that’s what a wombat is. Neato.

  7. vbspurs

    Congrats Cathy.

    I was a Flappy Bird for a fortnight, but now I’m back to reptilian status.

    I’ve gotten more traffic, too, so not sure how how that works.

    (Last time I was here, was when you were on the run from Althouse, going away to Washington D.C. — I see that you’re travelling ways have continued).


  8. triticale

    And here I always thought marsupials were from Mars…

  9. Cathy Young

    Hi Victoria, good to see you back! Haven’t had a chance to check out your bird-to-reptilian blog, but I will. 🙂

    (Btw, I suspect status has to do with links as well as traffic.)

    revenant — yes, that’s what a wombat is. They’re not quite as cuddly as they look; most zoos won’t let you touch them because they can be mean-tempered. However, I did go to one zoo which, unusually enough, allowed visitors to cuddle a wombat. I even have a photo to prove it.

    triticale: Marauding Marsupials from Mars! Now there’s a nice headline…

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